Titres à revenu fixe essentiels

Une stratégie de titres à revenu fixe essentiels vise à préserver le capital tout en maximisant le rendement global pour les porteurs de parts, principalement par des investissements dans des titres à revenu fixe, complétés par une composante de plus-value du capital. Notre approche fait appel à des stratégies de couverture pour la gestion de la volatilité et l’atténuation du risque.

Pourquoi investir dans notre stratégie de titres à revenu fixe essentiels?

  • Exposition à des titres essentiels. La stratégie met l’accent sur les investissements dans des obligations d’État et obligations de sociétés de première qualité, en prêtant une grande attention à la duration, tout au long du cycle.
  • Principes d’investissement alternatifs. Notre approche superpose plusieurs principes d’investissement alternatifs en repérant les risques et en les atténuant à l’aide d’outils de couverture. Elle gère aussi activement la duration et cible les sources non corrélées d’alpha.
  • Amélioration du rendement. La stratégie applique une analyse ascendante juricomptable du crédit qui vise à améliorer la qualité du rendement et à identifier le catalyseur alpha induit par les événements.

How does our core fixed income
strategy work?

The strategy invests in three pillars and applies an option hedging overlay aimed at mitigating risk.


government bonds

minimum 30%

income & protection

developed markets sovereign bond

investment grade

40% – 60%

income & capital gains

coupon clipping in defensive credit

high yield

maximum 25%

income & capital gains

top credit picks

The hedge wrapper uses derivative tools such as options, futures and swaps aimed at mitigating interest rate, credit, currency and liquidity risks.

What makes our approach unique is active management combined with alternative
strategies and hedging.

Who is our core fixed income strategy
suitable for?

Our core fixed income strategy may be suitable for investors who:

  • Desire an actively managed portfolio that includes alternative tools and strategies to mitigate risk and enhance returns potential.
  • Seek a diversified portfolio that targets a combination of income and growth through multiple return drivers.
  • Would like to lower their overall risk profile by enhancing the quality of returns garnered.

What core fixed income investment products
does Picton Mahoney offer?

Alternative Investment Solutions are available as mutual funds, liquid alternative funds and hedge funds. Our suite of Fortified Mutual Funds, Fortified Alternative Funds and Authentic Hedge® Funds give investors more choice and ease of access to alternative strategies, adding an alternative source of returns to fortify a portfolio. Our goal, for over 18 years, through different market cycles and investing environments, has been to improve the quality of returns by offering alternative investment solutions.

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There is no guarantee that a hedging strategy will be effective or achieve its intended effect. The use of derivatives or short selling carries several risks which may restrict a strategy in realizing its profits, limiting its losses, or, which cause a strategy to realize or magnify losses. There may be additional costs and expenses associated with the use of derivatives and short selling in a hedging strategy.

The offering of units of the Picton Mahoney Authentic Hedge® funds are made pursuant to an Offering Memorandum only to those investors in jurisdictions of Canada who meet certain eligibility or minimum purchase requirements. Prospective investors should consult with their investment advisor to determine suitability of investment. Please see the Fund’s Confidential Offering Memorandum for more information, including investment objectives and strategies, risk factors and investor eligibility.

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees, performance fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Alternative mutual funds can only be purchased through a registered dealer and are available only in those jurisdictions where they may be lawfully offered for sale.