About Us

Our Process

Since inception, we have relied on the same disciplined and repeatable investment process for our core hedge strategies. We blend art and science, rely on independent quantitative and fundamental assessments (as well as credit analysis), and make continuous use of leading technology and sophisticated controls to maximize risk-adjusted return potential for our clients. It’s a three-step process that delivers results.

Step One: Idea Generation

Our Quantitative and Fundamental Teams operate independently, providing recommendations based on their thorough assessments (and back-testing) of specific trends and fundamental change characteristics.

Step Two: Portfolio Construction

The Portfolio Manager takes the recommended ideas, filtering them through portfolio construction and risk control programs to identify the best opportunities (and respective weightings) for the portfolio.

Step Three: Continuous Monitoring

We monitor our portfolios daily to ensure they maintain the right risk/reward balance, in keeping with stated investment objectives. Tasked with this continual oversight are our Quant Team, and our Portfolio Managers.